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Nicholas Kristock shares his 10 lessons to solve problems and save communities! @fleecethankyou

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Happening Now: @DrTerriLoveDr says "individuals in happy/healthy relationships are better off physically and psycho……

Happening Now: Lisa Jesswein reminds us to Prepare, Adjust, and Trust (PAT) #TEDxOaklandUniversity

Lisa Jesswein encourages us to let our "inner cheerleader defeat our inner critic"!

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TEDxOaklandU is TODAY at 6 pm. Reserve your tix at (248) 370-4407 before 5 today. Don't miss 3 interactive sessions……

Get TEDxOU tix TODAY for 3/27 Salon. Call 248-370-4407 before 5 pm, $10 tix for interactive event. Space is limited……

Staying positive in a negative world is possible! Lisa Jesswein will show you how on 3/27. Get your tickets now!……

GREAT SPEAKERS, 3/27, 6pm. Space is limited. Tix are $10 by phone (248) 370-4407 or OU's CSA Window.……

Listen live noon, Fr., 3/17, as @wxouradio talks w/@DrTerriLoveDr w/a sneak peek into her 3/27 TEDxOU Salon session……

Lisa Jesswein will show you how to stay positive in a negative world at 3/27 TEDx. Tix $10, space is limited.

Can't wait!…

Get inspired by @KrispySlick of @fleecethankyou at 3/27 TEDxOaklandU Salon. $10 tix, space limited.……

Tix now available for 3/27 @TEDxOaklandU Salon. Space is limited. Tix $10.

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3/27 OU Salon features Dr. Terri Orbuch aka The Love Doctor, Lisa Jesswein and Nicholas Kristock. Space is limited.……

The Oakland Post features 3/27 TEDxOaklandU Salon. Space is limited, get tix after 3/1

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Mark your calendar: March 27, @oaklandu for an interactive, energetic TEDx Salon event. Details to come.

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@ladinsmoor: If you attended @TEDxOaklandU at @oaklandu last week, what is your favorite take away idea that will change your life somehow? Retweeted by TEDxOaklandU

@vectorform @TEDxOaklandU "the bias against creativity isn't just about producing ideas, it's how we receive them." Retweeted by TEDxOaklandU



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"I realized that the man who I loved so much was going to kill me if I let him." #DVAM2017

Chemotherapy kills cancer — but it kills the rest of your body, too. This might be a better option: @TEDFellow

"Abuse thrives in silence. You have the power to end domestic violence by shining a light on it." #Safety4Survivors

“The only thing that could’ve stopped me from being raped that night is the man who raped me.”…

"True belonging is what you carry in your heart, finding the sacredness in being a part of something." @BreneBrown

How to build a marriage that truly meets your needs:

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Why we must recognize — and stand against — Holocaust denial and white supremacy:…

Here's how LIGO made the the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of gravitational waves:

The life of a senior citizen and first-time entrepreneur: @paulietaz

Charismatic leaders appear to hurt the ability of their listeners to make critical decisions.

These extraordinary Antarctic plants have superpowers:

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How LIGO helps us literally hear the universe speaking to us: @AllanAdamsYG

Rule #1: If your boss or work environment are abusive, leave immediately.

"I am part of a large, everyday group of men who have been sexually violent toward their partners."

How could we make screen time better for kids? Watch @saradewitt's full TED Talk here:…

"Far too often, responsibility is attributed to female survivors of sexual violence, and not to males who enact it."



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