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Nicholas Kristock shares his 10 lessons to solve problems and save communities! @fleecethankyou

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Happening Now: @DrTerriLoveDr says "individuals in happy/healthy relationships are better off physically and psycho……

Happening Now: Lisa Jesswein reminds us to Prepare, Adjust, and Trust (PAT) #TEDxOaklandUniversity

Lisa Jesswein encourages us to let our "inner cheerleader defeat our inner critic"!

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TEDxOaklandU is TODAY at 6 pm. Reserve your tix at (248) 370-4407 before 5 today. Don't miss 3 interactive sessions……

Get TEDxOU tix TODAY for 3/27 Salon. Call 248-370-4407 before 5 pm, $10 tix for interactive event. Space is limited……

Staying positive in a negative world is possible! Lisa Jesswein will show you how on 3/27. Get your tickets now!……

GREAT SPEAKERS, 3/27, 6pm. Space is limited. Tix are $10 by phone (248) 370-4407 or OU's CSA Window.……

Listen live noon, Fr., 3/17, as @wxouradio talks w/@DrTerriLoveDr w/a sneak peek into her 3/27 TEDxOU Salon session……

Lisa Jesswein will show you how to stay positive in a negative world at 3/27 TEDx. Tix $10, space is limited.

Can't wait!…

Get inspired by @KrispySlick of @fleecethankyou at 3/27 TEDxOaklandU Salon. $10 tix, space limited.……

Tix now available for 3/27 @TEDxOaklandU Salon. Space is limited. Tix $10.

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3/27 OU Salon features Dr. Terri Orbuch aka The Love Doctor, Lisa Jesswein and Nicholas Kristock. Space is limited.……

The Oakland Post features 3/27 TEDxOaklandU Salon. Space is limited, get tix after 3/1

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Mark your calendar: March 27, @oaklandu for an interactive, energetic TEDx Salon event. Details to come.

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@ladinsmoor: If you attended @TEDxOaklandU at @oaklandu last week, what is your favorite take away idea that will change your life somehow? Retweeted by TEDxOaklandU

@vectorform @TEDxOaklandU "the bias against creativity isn't just about producing ideas, it's how we receive them." Retweeted by TEDxOaklandU



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Ever feel like your career has been a winding, messy path? This talk is for you:

A new whale species has been discovered in Sri Lankan waters: via @TEDFellow

The stories behind The New Yorker's iconic covers: @FrancoiseMouly

What does it take to live beyond 100 years? These are the surprising predictors of a long, healthy life:

"I don’t believe that slavery ended in 1865. Instead, it turned into decades of terrorism and violence."

"I became Lucius25, white supremacist lurker, and digitally I began to infiltrate the infamous alt-right movement."

4 TED Talks on the harmful effects of online abuse:

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The secret to living longer may be your social life:

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7 TED Talks to help you find your purpose:

A happy childhood has very, very long-lasting effects.

17 must-read books about leadership:

"If you were actually an imposter, you wouldn’t get imposter syndrome."

Feeling down? Cheer up with these charming talks:

Here's how long you can expect your post-vacation glow to last:

"People don’t really listen unless there is an emotional impact that causes them never to forget."

"Systematic corruption is the main reason for misery, for poverty, for violence, for desperation."

These great books offer a blueprint for bold leadership:

7 rules for building cities where people want to live:

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This week on Sincerely, X, an insider breaks down why corporate America has so few female executives:……



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